Are you looking for a professionnal illustrator to give life to your project ? If you think what you have seen in mefisheye’s portfolio is adapted to your project, please, take some time to send an email.

I will answer to your message as fast as possible. Don’t be affraid if you are not confortable to work with a professionnal illustrator. I will ask you as much questions as needed to understand better your needs before proposing a quote. It will be easier than you think.

Is your project ready to be illustrated ?

Before working with an illustrator, you should think about some important details. Here is little lists you can follow.

You are looking for a book cover.

  • Where do you want the book to be printed ?
  • What size do you want the book to be printed ? (a generic book cover is 6×9″)
  • When is the project due ?
  • What is the title of the book ?
  • What is the subtitle of the book ?
  • Should I draw the book title or an other designer worked on it ?
  • What is the autor name written in the book cover ?
  • What do you want to be seen on the book cover ?
  • Can you give a description of the elements seen in the book cover ?

If you want a full cover book with a front cover illustration, a back cover and a spine, you will need to know the following informations :

  • What do you want to see on the spine and the back cover ?
  • What will be written on the back cover ?

You are looking for interior illustration.

  • When is the project due ?
  • How many illustrations do you need ?
  • What is the size of the illustrations ?
  • Are you looking for black and white illustrations or do you want colors on it ? Please, have a look to my portfolio to give you ideas.
  • What will be seen in the illustrations ?

I need an illustrator to work on something else.

As an illustrator, I can work on an awful lot of projects as long as you are looking for an illustrator specialised in fantasy, fantastic or adventure illustrations.

You can adapt the previous questions even if you are looking for character or landscape concept arts, if you want to work with me to give life to your board game. I can work on social media pictures and book mockup too (as long as I work on the book cover illustration).

If you are not sure, just send me an email.

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Je vous donne la parole et vous donne des clés pour réussir vos défis dessin.

Le chemin pour devenir illustrateur professionnel est semé d’embuches. Motivation, problèmes d’organisation, connaissances ! Tout cela manque un jour ou l’autre lorsqu’on ambitionne de faire un bon dessin.