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It is time for changes on Mefisheye.com. Most of my clients speak english and I thought it was a little unfair for them as I am a french illustrator writting in his native langage.

That why I decided to translate mefisheye.com in english.

Where can I read articles written in english on mefisheye.com ?

Just know it takes a lot of time to translate en entire website.

I decided to concentrate myself on the technical pages. It was a good occasion to correct some details in the main menu.

About Mefisheye

This presentation page isn’t a simple biography. You will find here more explications about my drawing style and my worprocess.


This galery contains a large number of my last illustrations. It will be a good way to know better what I am abble to draw when asked for a request. In the portfolio, the illustrations are listed by category to help you find easily a drawing style adapted to your illustration project.

Contact Mefisheye

You can send me an email with a form integrated in the Contact page. If needed, I added advices under the form to help you think about important details of the project I must know about before starting to draw.

Blog articles are still written in french

The blog helps me thinking about myself and finding solution for illustrators who struggle about who know what.

writting a blog article is long and difficult. It may be harder to translate it. I don’t feel good enough to translate my blog articles in english righ now, even if I did a lot of progress lately.

I don’t put this idea to the side and assure you, dear readers, that one day you will be abble to read my blog article in your native langage. For now, please, help yourself using my back up solution.

How to change the blog langage ?

i have two solution to change the blog’s langage.

Change the blog’s langage in the main menu.

First, you can easily change the langage just by looking in the top main menu. There is on the right a scrolling tab indicating which langage is actually selected.

menu déroulant pour changer de langue sur mefisheye.com

The website is abble to know your langage configuration. If your browser is set at english, all the website will be written in english without having to change this configuration in mefisheye.com main menu.

A simple clic on the scrolling tab will help you to change the website langage.

Using Google traduction tool added on the website

This second option will be very helpful if you struggle to read french or don’t want to change the langage by the main menu.

Onglet changement de langue google traduction sur mefisheye.com

I added a google traduction tool in the website side bar. Everytime, you can change the langage of the site by cliquing on the scrolling tab. You should be abble to perfectly read the article then.

I wich you a good time on Mefisheye.com and lot of pleasure reading the advices provided in mefisheye’s blog.

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