Every pictures showed in Mefisheye’s portfolio are digital illustrations. It is a good way to reduce working time without loosing quality.

All the illustrations are hand made painting. Mefisheye never works with textures and royalty free picture integrations.

Colorful middle grade illustrations

A colorful book cover will be adapted for childrens as they are very sensitive to colorful illustrations.

Fantasy and fantastic illustrations

You can ask for fantasy or fantastic illustrations if you are wealing to sell something to teenagers and people older than 20 years olds.

This illustrations contain high detailled textures and strong lighting. They will be adapted to video game concept art, board game illustrations, beautiful postcards, customized gifts for special events like a birthday, Christmas, etc.

Black and white inked illustrations

If you are willing to develop a project looking like a comic, you can ask for black and white illustration.

Mefisheye can add strong shadows to the illustration if you project takes place in a darker world (fantastic illustration, horror illustration or a night scene).

If needed, Mefisheye can add colors to your black and white illustration.

Concept art, character design and landscape painting

Your game or your book heroe need a perfect design if you want people to remember about it. That is where a good character designer will be important to your project. Following your general idea, Mefisheye will try his best to create a powerful character design, add colors on it and be sure every people will like it.

It happens to be the same problem with landscape painting. A board game needs proper landscape painting with strong shapes inside it.

Just ask for an illustration

You can ask for a request if you think Mefisheye’s illustrations seems adapted to your project.

You can spend some time reading the following page if you want more information about Mefisheye’s work process.

The original contact page will inform you about the informations needed to work with a professionnal illustor.

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Le chemin pour devenir illustrateur professionnel est semé d’embuches. Motivation, problèmes d’organisation, connaissances ! Tout cela manque un jour ou l’autre lorsqu’on ambitionne de faire un bon dessin.