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My workflow is simple and adapted for little to big project. I don’t like sending too much messages as it can be very confusing during the last part of the project.

  • Before sending you a quote, we will define the technical aspects of the project. We define how much work should be done and how it will look like.
  • As soon as I have enough informations, I send you a quote. If you agree with it, we can start to work.
  • I first send you one or two rough black and whigh rough sketchs. It helps me knowing what you have in mind without loosing too much time if nothing please you.
  • Next, I send you a very advanced sketch. At this step, we must know exactly how will look like the final illustration. I am used to add colors to this drawing, nothing definitive for the same reason than before.
  • With your approval, I will be able to work on the final illustration.

This work process can be adapted to more complex projects. I send a sketch for every drawings, then the advanced sketchs (if needed) and a least I will work on the final illustrations.

How to contact me ?

To contact me, you just have to send me an email on my contact page.

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Le chemin pour devenir illustrateur professionnel est semé d’embuches. Motivation, problèmes d’organisation, connaissances ! Tout cela manque un jour ou l’autre lorsqu’on ambitionne de faire un bon dessin.