It is time for a stress free relationship!

I make the life of young middle grade authors writing adventure, mysterious and horror stories easier by designing unforgettable visuals.

Be original

I worked with middle grade writers for years now. I know how to design a great book cover and avoid the rules people are used to see. That’s how you will stand up.

I take care of everything

Every details are important when you want to be unforgettable. That’s why I design iconic book logos, take care of the back cover layout in line with your story and prepare every files needed to print and share your book.

I am here for you

During the whole process, I will be here to answer your questions and keep you informed about my progress on a regular basis.

I always find simple ways to explain everything.

self portrait mefisheye with a dragon

What to expect from my book covers?

I always respect two fundamental rules when I work on a book cover: it must bring attention to the book and it must define what the story is about.

I paint with eye-catching vibrant colors because it adds more information about the atmosphere of the story.

I love adding strong shadows when the story is mysterious or menacing.


Claim your book cover!

The best part when your do your book by yourself is that you know that people will answer to your request. Whatever your question is, I will take time to find a proper answer.

If you do not receive an answer within few days, please send it directly to my mail box


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